quinta-feira, maio 29, 2008

Shotgun Ltda. / Shotgun Ltda. - 1971

Esse é um dos grandes discos de Hard Rock , que eu já ouvi se por acaso voce nunca teve oportunidade de escuta-lo , faça-o agora com grande urgência .Músicas como Bad Road , Remedy for a Hazy Day , I Don't Mind ( qualquer semelhança com aquela famosa do LEd Zeppelin, é pura coincidencia ) , Trials , Mixed Nuts , tenho certeza que farão a alegria dos Hardeiros .

Members : Joe Gutierrez (lead vocals), Jack Schoolar (lead guitar, dobro, background vocals), Ruben Dominguez (bass guitar, congas, background vocals), Dave Norup (organ), Buzzie Buchanan (drums, percussion), Ben Benay (12 string & electric guitars), Jerry Jumonville (tenor sax), Jim Gordon (piano, autoharp, moog synthesizer, tenor sax)

01 - Bad Road
02 - Against The Wall
03 - Number Two
04 - Remedy For A Hazy Day
05 - I Don't Mind
06 - On The Top Of You
07 - River Of Hope
08 - Trials
09 - Feelin' Bad
10 - Mixed Nuts

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segunda-feira, maio 26, 2008

The Square Set / Silence is Golden - 1967

Comemorando os 40 anos do lançamento desse disco , banda originaria da Africa do Sul . Aqui contem o maior sucesso deles That's What I Want .

01 - Silence is Golden
02 - That's What I Want
03 - Every Little Bit Hurts
04 - California Dreaming
05 - Somebody Help Me
06 - River Deep Mountain High
07 - Hi Lili Hi Lo
08 - Call me
09 - It's a Man's World
10 - I Knew I'd Want You
11 - Come on
12 - Message Understood

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sexta-feira, maio 16, 2008

Swamp Dogg - Total Destruction to Your Mind -1970

Um grande disco de Blues Rock & Soul , esse é daqueles pra sair dançando pela casa , chacalhar a cabeça ou bater os pés , e mais um excelente disco do Swamp Dogg ou Jerry Williams Jr. , o nome de batismo e também seu nome artistico nos anos 60's . Boa diversão a todos !!!

01 Total Destruction to Your Mind
02 Synthetic World
03 Dust Your Head Color Red
04 Redneck
06 I Was Born Blue
06 If I Die Tomorrow (I've Lived Tonight)
07 Sal-A-Faster
08 The World Beyond
09 These Are Not My People
10 Everything You'll Ever Need
11 The Baby is Mine
12 Mama's Baby, Daddy's Maybe
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domingo, maio 11, 2008

Brothers & Sisters of L.A / Dylan's Gospel [1969]

A1 The Times They Are A Changing 2:43
A2 I Shall Be Released 4:18
A3 Lay Lady Lay 3:38
A4 Mr. Tambourine Man 4:03
A5 All Along the Watchtower 3:30
B1 The Mighty Quinn 3:30
B2 Chimes of Freedom 4:30
B3 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 2:21
B4 My Back Pages 5:11
B5 Just Like a Woman 3:01

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terça-feira, maio 06, 2008

The Vagrants / The Great Lost Album (1965 - 1968)

A primeira banda de Leslie West do Moutain , que sabe-se lá porque acabou , dá pra ver por esses sons que era uma banda de peso como o nosso querido guitarrista .

Most famous for featuring Leslie West on guitar in his pre-Mountain days, the Vagrants were extremely popular in their home base of Long Island, NY in the mid-'60s, and recorded some decent singles without approaching a national breakout. Like fellow New Yorkers the Rascals, the Vagrants prominently featured a Hammond organ, and often played soul-influenced rock. The Vagrants were far more guitar-based than the Rascals, however, as well as projecting a more garagey, less mature outlook; their later material lands somewhere between the Rascals and Vanilla Fudge.
One of the few rock bands signed to the folkie Vanguard label, the Vagrants cut some fair singles between 1965 and 1968 that suffered from a lack of identity: a Zombie-ish number here, a punk stomper there, a soul-rock thing here. "I Can't Make a Friend," which shows up on some garage compilations, is the most well-known of their initial efforts, but the group took their closest swipe at stardom after Felix Pappalardi helped them sign to Atco. A rock version of Otis Redding's "Respect" (which surfaced on the Nuggets compilation) was a hit in some Eastern regions, but couldn't compete with Aretha Franklin's rendition, also released in 1967. After a couple of other singles on Atco, the group broke up in late 1968, when West formed Mountain (which also included Pappalardi). Much of the Vagrants' material was reissued in the mid-'90s.

01 - Respect (1967)
02 - I can't make a friend (1967)
03 - Beside the sea (1967)
04 - I don't need your loving (1967)
05 - Young blues (1966)
06 - And when it's over (1967)
07 - A sunny summer rain (1967)
08 - The final hour (1966)
09 - My babe (1966)
10 - I love you, i love you (1967)
11 - Oh those eyes (1965)
12 - You're too young (1965)
13 - Your hasty heart (1966)
14 - Satisfaction (1968)

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domingo, maio 04, 2008

Kraan / Kraan - 1972

Banda formada na Alemanhã em 1970 :
krautrock, rock, jazz, funk, instrumental, space, groove, hard rock, punk, progressive rock
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sábado, maio 03, 2008

Finchley Boys / Everlasting Tributes - 1972

Um verdadeiro disco de Blues Rock , um disco e banda perdidos no tempo a banda foi formada em 1969 e teve seu disco lançado em 1972 e depois virou historia . Para quem aprecia o estilo e ainda não conhece essa banda , esta aqui uma ótima oportunidade .

01. Who´s Been Talkin´
02. Swelling Waters
03. Outcast
04. I´m Not Like Everybody Else
05. Hooked
06. Once I Was A Boy
07. It All Ends
08. Restrictions

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