domingo, outubro 26, 2008

Kool & The Gang in Brazil 10/25/2008

Kool & The Gang live in São Paulo 10/25/2008 .

Galera pra quem perdeu esse show meus profundos sentimentos , a banda arrebentou , infelizmente pode ter sido a última chance de ver os caras por aqui . Então quem foi , como dissse meu amigo amigo Marcelo : Congratulations !!!

Wah Wah Watson / Elementary - 1976

O único registro desse excelente guitarrista , mesclando o Rock, Funk e a Soul Music , conseguiu realizar um álbum dançante e cheio de energia do velho e bom blues rock . O porque do nome Wah Wah Watson , voces descobrirão logo na primeira faixa : Elementar meu caro Watson , elementar .

Another prolific session guitarist well respected by musicians and unknown to the general public, "Wah Wah" Watson has been on countless sessions. Michael Jackson, Pharoah Sanders, Donald Byrd, Herbie Hancock, Billy Preston, and Evelyn King are only a handful of the artists whom he has played with and/or contributed material to the recordings of.

01 Goo Goo Wah Wah
02 Love My Blues Away
03 Cry Baby
04 My Love For You Comes And Goes
05 Together (Whatever)
06 Sunset Boulevard
07 Love Ain't Somethin' (That You Get For Free)
08 I'll Get By Without You
09 Bubbles
10 Good Friends

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segunda-feira, outubro 13, 2008

Moby Dick / Moby Dick Bonus Track - 1972

Moby Dick is :
Sandro Coppola (vocals, guitar)
Toni Di Mauro (guitar, vocals)
Enzo Petrone (bass)
Adriano Assanti (drums)
Moby Dick were formed in 1968, with bassist Enzo Petrone coming from I Volti di Pietra, a legendary group from Naples that never recorded anything and also gave birth to Osanna. They had a good live activity throughout their five-year career, having briefly in their line-up singer Marco Cecioni from Balletto di Bronzo and percussionist Toni Esposito who played on Alan Sorrenti's first albums and later had a good solo career. Always strongly influenced by british hard rock, and particularly devoted to Led Zeppelin, they managed to record an album at Olympic studios in London in 1973, but with no contracts it was never released until the recent Akarma issue in 2001. They had also recorded an earlier demo at RCA studios and three tracks from the rare acetate are included on a bonus EP coming with the Akarma album.Though very good musicians they could never reach an original style, sounding like a sort of Zeppelin clone in the english sung seven tracks LP. The three 1970 tracks, sung in italian, sound a bit more original and closer to the early 70's italian rock style.The band disbanded not long after the London recordings, with bassist Petrone rejoining old cohort Lino Vairetti in the Suddance-era Osanna (and still playing with them in their 2002 CD) and Toni Di Mauro living in Sweden as some former Balletto Di Bronzo members.

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