domingo, setembro 16, 2007

N.S. U. / Turn on , or turn me down - 1969

O único disco dessa banda escocesa depois cairam no obscurantismo , até o ano passado quando foram relançados em CD . O som é um Hard Heavy com um guitarrista genial e muito criativo .
Pra mim mais um disco imperdivel .
Recording on : 24,25,26 Feb. 1969

01-Turn On Or Turn Me Down
02-His Town
03-You Can't Take It From My Heart
04-Love Talk
05-All Aboard
06-The Game

08-Pettsie's Blues
09-On The Road

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Highly Recommended

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4 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

Dear friends! Sorry me for this deal but don't know how I can write you/
Many years seaching this song - but don't know who is?
Perhaps you can help me?
Big thanks you for all good music on this blog!!!

Write me if you can

Warrior disse...

Friend waits that I am searching great

I hug

Anônimo disse...

I found it!!!
It's Barry White's Together Brothers soundtrack!
Download this album from Net/

Anônimo disse...

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