quarta-feira, janeiro 16, 2008

Captain Sky / The Adventures of Captain Sky - 1978

Mais um grande clássico da Funk Music , um álbum divertido e dançante .

01 - Saturday Night Move
02 - Super Sporm
03 - Now That I Have You
04 - Wonder Worm
05 - Can't Stop Now

Altamente recomendado
Highly Recommended

Password : rocksoul

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Mara Bunta disse...

Ey, i have another one of Captain Sky, "Concerned Party", if my memory is well, which i downloaded from here. It´s a kind record of funk, i take this one too, many thanks Warrior, you´ve got a great taste and the mixture of your rocksoul paradise always makes me shake my legs!, you´re big, brother!

Gracias, obrigado, thanks!
Abrazos ;)