segunda-feira, abril 28, 2008

Honey Cone / Sweet Replies - 1971

Grupo formado por : Carolyn Willis , Edna Wright and Shellie Clark em 1969 nos USA . O trio em sua curta carreira lançou cinco discos sendo esse o terceiro da discografia das meninas . Um grande disco de Soul Music , balanço a toda prova .

A1 - Want Ads
A2 - You Made Me Come to You
A3 - Blessed Be Our Love
A4 - Are You Man Enough, Are You Woman Enough?
A5 - When Will it End
A6 - The Feeling's Gone
B1 - Sunday Morning People
B2 - Deaf, Blind, Paralyzed
B3 - Take Me With You
B4 - My Mind's on Leaving, But My Heart Won't Let Me Go
B5 - We Belong Together

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4 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

I hope there is more comiing...the honey Cone were a great R & B group! More please!


Anônimo disse...

That's a beautifully soulful album; I'd never heard of 'Honey Cone' until now. Many thanks for the share, all the best from London England.

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