quinta-feira, agosto 21, 2008

Jerry Butler / Sings Assorted Sounds with the Aid of Assorted Friends & Relatives - 1971

Um grande disco de Soul Music , do grandioso Jerry Butler .

01. How Did We Lose It
02. How Does It Feel
03. Special Memory
04. Built My World Around You
05. Going Back to My Baby's Love
06. If It's Real What I Feel
07. Strong Enough to Take It
08. What Is It
09. Why Are You Leaving Me
10. Do You Finally Need a Friend

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Highly Recommended

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Rock N' Roll disse...

saludos desde chile!!! sigue asi con el blog :D

rock n roll

noguti disse...


troods disse...

Thank you so much; got here through blaxploitation and love your offerings. Gracias por todo! Hay mucho trabajo en presentando estes musicas.

Anônimo disse...

Hello é a 3ª vez que vi o teu blogue e reflecti muito!Espectacular Trabalho!