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Neon Pearl / Neon Pearl - 1967

First time on CD for these incredible sessions from the year of psychedelia's apex. Top notch floating underground psych with organ and harmonium -- features members of Please and The Flies who were later in legendary band T2 (the sleevenotes try to make the convoluted band history clear). This edition is taken from the master tapes, and comes complete with two bonus tracks.
This was the first band of Peter Dunton, who later played with Please, T2 and The Flies. Recorded in 1967, these previously unreleased demos were studio versions of the bands live set and display an evocative line in psychedelic rock with a slight garage psych/folk rock edge. Drifting guitar work and melodic vocal harmonies make this an interesting and unique piece of UK '60's rock history.
1. What You See
2. Drean Scream
3. Out Of Sight
4. Just Another Day
5. Forever
6. Going With The Flow
7. Urban Ways
8. Going Back
9. Dream ( Bonus Track )
10.Nothing To Say ( Bonus Track )
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Sebastian disse...

Opa Cara.. muito bom teu blog... será que tu não consegue postar de novo os 2 do Faces q tu ja postou??
Ahhhh... se conseguir tb The meters, ia ser bala.. grande abraço!!

Anônimo disse...

Nice post
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