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Wah Wah Watson / Elementary - 1976

O único registro desse excelente guitarrista , mesclando o Rock, Funk e a Soul Music , conseguiu realizar um álbum dançante e cheio de energia do velho e bom blues rock . O porque do nome Wah Wah Watson , voces descobrirão logo na primeira faixa : Elementar meu caro Watson , elementar .

Another prolific session guitarist well respected by musicians and unknown to the general public, "Wah Wah" Watson has been on countless sessions. Michael Jackson, Pharoah Sanders, Donald Byrd, Herbie Hancock, Billy Preston, and Evelyn King are only a handful of the artists whom he has played with and/or contributed material to the recordings of.

01 Goo Goo Wah Wah
02 Love My Blues Away
03 Cry Baby
04 My Love For You Comes And Goes
05 Together (Whatever)
06 Sunset Boulevard
07 Love Ain't Somethin' (That You Get For Free)
08 I'll Get By Without You
09 Bubbles
10 Good Friends

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