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Clube do Balanço / Swing & Samba-Rock - 2001

Clube do Balanço, The kings of samba rock.
In the same way that the Rolling Stones payed homage to the masters of the Delta Blues, Brazilian band Clube do Balanço re-ignited the work of the masters of samba-rock — Jorge Ben (up to 77), Luiz Vagner, Bebeto, Roberto Carlos and Erasmo, Branca Di Neve, Marku Ribas, Orlandivo — propping up the ballroom style to the taste this new century’s audiences. With their two albums “Swing & Samba Rock” and “Samba Incrementado” they’ve singlehandedly started a movement that’s been shaking brazilian bootie for the past 6 years. They stylish sets have been acclaimed by a massive audience as they have played thousands of concerts all over Brazil.

“Swing & Samba Rock”, their first album mixes jazz, rock and soul with an irresistible samba beat. It is a development of and almost a tribute to the sound already established by the masters of samba-rock. The album is the product of what has become a cultural vibe that includes dancers, singers, DJs, musicians, producers and club promoters. And that includes a whole roster of new samba-rock bands that ensued following their success. Balanço's “Swing & Samba Rock” CD has a mix of old and new. They play classic tracks like "Coqueiro Verde" (composed by Roberto & Erasmo Carlos), "Palladium" (composed by Ed Lincoln and Orlandivo), "Zamba Bem" (composed by Marku Ribas), "Paz e Arroz" (composed by Jorge Ben), "Segura a Nega" (composed by Bebeto and Luis Vagner) and many other exciting tunes.

On their second album “Samba Incrementado” the band continued to shine with their interpretations of old classics like D’Angelo’s “Muito Incrementado”, Jorge Ben’s “Nega Zula” and Luis Melodia’s “Subi o morro”. But here they also showed tremendous song-writing potential (especially by leader Marco Mattoli) alone or with partners like Seu Jorge “O primeiro da Ilha” and Rodrigo Leão “Vem k Nêga”. The band is composed of Marco Mattoli (vocals & guitar), Edu Peixe (drums), Gringo (bass), Teresa Gama (vocals), Fred Prince (percussion), Guto “Bocão” (percussion), Marcelo Maita (keyboards), Tiquinho (trombone) and Reginaldo “16” Gomes (trumpet). The musicians have toured with Jorge Ben, Wilson Simonal, Branca di Neve, and many other swingers.

As their own incredible saga of love and music progresses (much like the movie: “The Commitments”, without the crash and burn ending) Clube do Balanço awaits its turn to conquer a worldwide audience. Not that they care. In the ballrooms of the poorest neighbourhoods of São Paulo, where the hardcore samba-rock fans have continued do dance since the late 60’s, they are treated as kings. The dancing crowd has led them to the throne.
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O seu blog é simplesmente sensacional, provavelmente o mais harmônico e equilibrado em termos de estilos para que tem gosto eclético para boa música. É claro que não dá para contemplar todos os estilos (falta um jazz), mesmo assim ainda acho o melhor blog que eu vi até o momento. Parabéns mesmo, o rock, o funk, o soul, tá tudo sensacional. Muito obrigado!!!!!!!!!!

Anônimo disse...


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