sábado, junho 23, 2007

Mother's Finest / Mother's Finest - 1976

Soul, Funk, Rock, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Soul, Pop, Metal, Rhythm & Blues, tudo em um disco só . Deve agradar a todos .
02-Give You All The Love
03-Niggiz Can't Sang Rock & Roll
04-My Baby
05-Fly With Me ( Feel The Love )
06-Dontcha Wanna Love Me
Pasword : rocksoul

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Residentevil2 disse...

I would like to thank you very much for Mothers Finest one of my favs, also Warriors soundtrack. Very nice blog with some very tasty music.
Would you have or know where to find :
FLAME - Selftitled and Queen Of The Neighbourhood
Mainly looking for Queen of the neighbourhood

Marcos disse...

Muito boa esta banda. ´Parabéns por mais este grande up. Abraço.

Anônimo disse...

Fantastic ... I've got this albium on vinyl, but great to have it on mp3

Gerald disse...

Putz, me amarro nesta banda. Grande post mesmo. Parab[ens

PRK.30músic disse...

Gosto de músicas de varios generos estarei enviando Bossa Nova

Anônimo disse...


Anônimo disse...

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