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Frank Zappa / One Size Fits All - 1975

Pra mim um dos melhores discos do genial Zappa . Destaque para as músicas Inca Roads , Po-Jama People e San Bernadino !

Released in 1975, this Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention album featured Don on harmonica, under the pseudonym Bloodshot Rollin' Red. Don appears on "San Ber'dino" (also available on the Zappa compilation Strickly Commercial). Released on CD in 1988.
Line Up
George Duke - all keyboards & synthesizers, lead vocals on "Inca Roads", "Andy" and "Sofa N2"
Napoleon Murphy Brock - flute & sax, lead vocals on "Florentine Pogen" and "Andy"
Chester Thompson - drums, gorilla victim
Tom Fowler - bass (when left hand is not broken)
Ruth Underwood - vibes, marimba, all percussion
James "Bird Legs" Youman - bass on "Can't Afford No Shoes"
Johnny "Guitar" Watson - flambe vocals on "San Ber'dino" and "Andy"
Bloodshot Rollin' Red - harmonica when present
Note from sleeve: "This album was produced between December 1974 & April 1975 simultaneously with our next album (coming soon)"
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Anônimo disse...

Realmente este disco do Zappa é demais e juntamente com Sheik Yerbout e Joes Garage, são as obras primas deste mestre rockeiro, maluco prá caralho mas um genio, muito a frente de seu tempo.
Obra prima!

Carlos Eduardo

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